Sometimes I imagine how the show would have been if mark and lexie were still alive

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WTH are they doing with Bailey? There was the infection paranoia, the out of nowhere OCD (which btw made no sense, you don’t wake up with OCD at 40), and now this, going against a next of kin’s wishes. Bring back the “Nazi”: the tough on the outside, sweet on the inside, firm moral compass, take charge woman I love.

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I’m going to miss Cristina Yang. She will always be our person.

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I really loved Izzex in their day, and I’m a huge Izzie fan, but I also really love Jolex now. I feel like I’m the only one because this is such an unpopular opinion and almost everyone in the fandom hates Izzie.

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The April and Arizona friendship is my favorite new friendship on the show.

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I don’t think Japril was rushed. They had a lot of build up since season 7. I think they’re the only couple who truly started as friends.

I’m upset that the show never explored Derek’s guilt after the shooting. He admitted that all of those people died because of him, and I’m disappointed that no one ever blamed him for what happened.

Jolex is the only couple I ship since their very first interaction.

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It doesn’t matter what happens, I have only one wish for this show: A baby Karev.

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If Callie finds out in 10x23 that she has complications from the car crash and can’t have babies, I’ll be terrified of the reactions. Because Arizona will get the blame again. I hope the writers portray that in a different fashion… a lot of viewers already hate Arizona as it is

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